In many sports, there is a vast amount of data available, and it can be difficult to distill it down to the information that is relevant and answers the right questions. We can help you figure out what those questions are, and can also do the analysis for you.

Previous Contracts for "Analysis" Projects

Canadian Cycling Association (2008 to present):

  • Ongoing Gap Analysis and International Competition Analysis, preparing for 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games

UK Sport / British Trampolining (2006):

  • International Development Analysis of Olympic and World Medallists and British Competitors
  • Key questions: What does a medallists progression pathway look like? What are the current leading countries, and emerging nations? What is the conversion rate of Juniors to Seniors, and the turnover rate of Olympic medallists (to look at historic career length)? Are there any favourable physiological attributes common to medallists, to inform talent identification or talent transfer?

UK Sport / British Boxing (2006):

  • International Development Analysis of Olympic and World Medallists and British Competitors