Once the strategic plan is complete, the implementation can begin. This is the hands-on, tangible part of the process working directly with the staff and athletes. Innovation is a key part of service provision, as it entails listening clearly to the coaches' and athletes' questions about training and performance and finding evidence-based answers that can be applied safely and practically. The basics need to be in place, and after that finding answers to the key questions can have a significant performance impact. Innovation requires an understanding of the potential downsides of any new intervention, and also of the limits on the number of interventions athletes can apply in training or in competition.

Currently, Andrea Wooles is working full-time for the Canadian Cycling Association on the implementation of their High Performance Plan, which she helped to write in 2008 after conducting their debrief from the Beijing Olympic Games.  Her role is Integrated Support Team ("IST") Manager, determining the needs of the individuals and teams and putting services in place where and when needed to anticipate and meet those needs.

Areas of Experience:

  • Performance science
  • Applied exercise physiology
  • Sports nutrition
  • Respiratory testing
  • Bicycle power measurement
  • Calibration

Topics of Interest:

  • Environmental stress (heat & humidity, pollution)
  • Performance profiling
  • Equipment & clothing development
  • Aerodynamics

Employment History

For full information about my experience and employment, please see my CV.