Andrea Wooles has been working closely with SRM since 2001, when she began repairing and managing the SRM stock for the GB Cycling Team (over 130 sets, at that time). The GB Team’s drive for accuracy led to work with Peter Keen and Tony Robinson on a new static calibration method for the SRM Training System, which was published in Sports Engineering in January 2005.

Andrea then helped revise the SRM User Manual in 2001, and created the first online manual for them. In 2005, she completed rewrote the User Manual, including information on what the data means as well as how to use the system. Another update was completed in 2009, and the new manual can be found here.

If you are looking to purchase an SRM Training System in Canada, Andrea can help you select the best model and options for the type of use you’re planning. Once you receive your system, she can also help you with any questions you may have about setting it up or interpreting the data.

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For all orders, a 50% deposit is required upon ordering, with the remaining 50% payable once you receive your SRMs.

Payments can currently be made by Electronic Funds Transfer, Cheque, VISA or Mastercard.